Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Smart Tips Tuesday

Easy Homemade Food Scrap Composter

Properly composted food scraps can be turned into excellent fertilizer for gardens. Unfortunately, composting in open piles or mixed into yard waste can attract unwanted pests into your yard. You can make an easy pest-proof food waste digester that will avoid unwanted pests.

One of the easiest ways to compost food scraps is in a sunken galvanized metal garage can. Punch or drill 20 holes in the sides (bottom third only) and 20 in the bottom, no larger than 1/4 to 3/8 ths inch. Lid must be tight and secured with a bungee cord if you live around critters.

Dig a hole 15 inches deep in a well drained spot and set the can in the hole. Push the soil back around the sides.
I started mine last summer and it is doing super, no work on my part. I added worms to mine since the area I 'planted' my composter is not in a good worm producing area. But in the right area, worms will seek out your garbage and munch away. It is suggested that you might want to use two cans as the first gets full.
Check out this website http://www.seattle.gov/util/stellent/groups/public/@spu/@csb/documents/webcontent/spu01_001992.pdf it has great instructions. Thank you, Rene' Groom from http://www.maryjanesfarm.com/ for posting this last year. I love it!
You can also purchase some really cute counter top food scrap containers in many materials and colors over the Internet or at your favorite kitchen store.


  1. I've seen those little cans for counter composting. Never tried it, but hubby is talking about it. Spring is coming and his hands are getting antsy to work in the garden.

    I come via Freda's Hive and want to invite you over to my giveaway. It's my 200th post celebration. Hope I see you there!

  2. we're compost people! the only thing was, we didn't microwave the dirt and we had volunteer tomato plants come up. but they produced like crazy and didn't kill the rose bushes so...we went with it and enjoyed both!!!!


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