Friday, April 2, 2010

Back to the River

It was a crispy cool day but the water was so clear on the edge of the river. It was a lot of fun to take pictures of the leaves and rocks under the water because mother nature gave me so many easy shots.

I love the subtle ripples of water over the rock, you can actually see the sky.

Such yummy colors!

And fish do swim up stream!

And Sharon, (bobbinrobin) caught me taking pictures! What a friend! When your a.. is in the air......


  1. Love your pictures...and your friend was at least standing at the right angle...hehe

  2. Happy Easter to you too Karen, and your Family. Yes I look forward to these dinners a lot more now that someone else is doing all the work, and I come home to a clean house.See getting older does have its perks.
    Nancy JO


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