Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spokane River

My dear friend, Sharon (bobbinrobin)and I got to take a stroll down on the Spokane River out in the Valley yesterday. It was a cold day but we had a wonderful time taking in the beautiful scenery and taking pictures. It even hailed on us on the way back, how's that for fickle Mother Nature?
I can't wait to come down here when it's warm and read a good book.

I love the fungi that grows on these rocks, there was a good size area on the beach full of these. I have them at home too but would love to haul a bunch of these home. Good exercise......ha!

This was the coolest rock, it looks like petrified wood. It was awesome up close.

It was just a lazy, cool early Spring day on the Spokane River but it was a super wonderful break from 'cabin fever'! Thanks, for asking me, Sharon, I loved it.

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