Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Smart Tips Tuesday

Title: Agriculture. "Women on farms. There's a feminine hand at the controls of many of America's activities these days. Like many other farm wives whose husband are engaged in war work, Mrs. William Wood manages a 120 acre farm in Colona, Michigan, with little male assistance. With a crop of corn, tomatoes and rasberries (sc) to harvest, she still finds time to care for her own Victory garden and to attend a first-aid class. And for the scrap drive Mrs. Wood salvaged 1,600 pounds of outworn metal and rubber articles from the farm, and contributed them to her local collection agency." Created and published: Between July 1942 and Feb. 1943

Women have been involved in farming in one form or another since the dawn of time. Even today the number of farms owned and run by woman have been increasing in large numbers, with thanks to all the women who stepped up and did their part during the war. Women farmers are responsible for the only increases in farming today. And they are wonderful stewards of the land, caring for it and giving back so as to sustain our great heritage.
Recycling has been around for a very long time, back then it was more a necessity than an option. But in recent years, we have found that 'reuse', 'repurpose', 'revamp' and 'makedo' are back in our vocabularies. And it's a good thing. As women and stewards of this land, it is our responsibility to make it a clean, green, space for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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