Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm pretending it is not nasty and cold outside....

So here are some pictures I took outside a few days ago, or was it last week? It seems like it has been lousy for weeks. That's what happens to me when I can't get out and play! (Stomping foot noise!)
My lilac bush has never been so beautiful. It is so huge that I won't see this next year as I will have to mow her down a lot as she is crowding out my dining room window. I need all the light I can get on these dark days.... :). I hate to do this as I know she won't bloom as pretty next year but I guess that is what happens when all it does is rain.

I especially love this one, I got down on the ground to take this with the beautiful sky above it.
We have had freezing temps off and on the last week and I lost some flowers and veggies. Another frost is coming in a few more days so I will wait to replant....well, I hope I can!

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