Sunday, May 30, 2010

An overnight

Grayson and I had a long overdue sleepover last night. We had a blast....and Granny is pooped! He moves a lot faster than he did even a few weeks ago.

In this first picture, he is pointing at the sun (not the real thing...haven't seen that in ages)! It's a hanging mobile on my front porch.


  1. Ahhhh ... look at those toofers! What a happy little boy. Love your pictures.

  2. cute little guy!! Love your new blog look...

  3. Does he have a million dollar smile or what? He's so cute.

    Really like the picture for your office....what a find.

    My lilacs bloomed really good this year, too.

  4. That sounds like so much fun...and what a cutie too!!


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