Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fast and Easy….

tut 001

I made a fun and easy project the other day, from this old bottle, I found at a flea market for a dollar. I hit my favorite graphics blog…. and printed out this label. She has a ton of fun graphics, for doing just about anything your little heart desires. Check it out! I used ‘mod podge’ to glue the label down and then went to ‘work’.

tut 008

I added some antique lace and an old rhinestone pin, thanks, Sharon.

tut 015

Did you notice the rusty old baking powder can in the background? It also has a label from The Graphics Fairy.

tut 017

blog 010

And this was super easy, just print a graphic you like and put it in a frame; fun, easy art. The frame was three dollars, at a well known Super Store, but try the dollar store, near you, for an even better deal!


  1. How cute! Golly you have been very busy lately!

  2. Okay ... now you've topped yourself. You should sell those embellished bottles in your etsy store!

  3. Yes, I finally got my mojo on! lol

  4. Fantastic, you really out did yourself on the bottle. The picture is pretty too, but the bottle is really unique and pretty.

  5. I just love graphic fairy's blog. Although I could'nt find the label you have on your tin. Love the finishing touches on your bottle.

  6. Love your idea and it turned out just fantastic.

  7. Hello again Karen! Thanks so much for linking up your beautiful bottles today!

  8. A fantastic bottle, love the labelling.


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