Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fire Sale

smoke 008 (800x560)

We have been down wind of the fires in Canada for several days now.  It has been real hazy each day, which has helped to keep the temps down (if you call in the low 90’s down).  And it makes for some gorgeous sunsets and sunrises.  I caught this one last night, the sun was so orange red, it looked to BE on fire!

I woke up real early to the smell of strong smoke this morning….must have been a change in wind direction or another fire closer at hand.  I am having a garage sale today…everything will smell like smoke…..I guess this means I am having a ‘Fire Sale’.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Smoke is better than what I'm smelling this morning. Somewhere in the neighborhool a skunk bit the dust last night.

    Getting any sales this weekend?

  2. Waaaa. I want to come to your garage you have some neat stuff....

  3. Loved the picture....hope the fires don't get too close!

  4. Your picture of the sunset is so beautiful!!!
    Here's hoping your fire/garage sale went well.


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