Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Smart Tips Tuesday

Summer reigns supreme, with swimming holes, picnics, boating, camping, hiking and backyard BBQ’s.  Of course, we love it all, however, insects do too.  And one we all hate is the mosquito, among others.  Here is a tip for some natural insect repellents that will let you enjoy the out of doors.

We all know DEET and understand the dangers there.  These bug repellents contain harsh, potentially toxic chemicals and are thought to have adverse effects on the brain. 

ts Citronella is an age old remedy that deters house flies, ticks and mosquitoes.  Use in candles or in an essential oil added to a vegetable oil base and rubbed on the skin.  We use basil, thyme and lemongrass as seasonings but in other parts of the world they are commonly used as bug repellents.  Crushed lemon thyme has 62% as much repellent effectiveness as DEET.  Some studies indicate that thyme repels mosquitoes even longer.

Patchouli oil, often used in fragrances, not only deters them, but research shows this essential oil is also effective against infection from 22 bacterial and 12 fungal strains.  Mints, especially peppermint is also effective, as is pennyroyal and lemon eucalyptus.  28

SOOTHE THAT BITE….Try one of these natural remedies~Aloe Vera gel, calendula, lavender or tea tree essential oil or my favorite….vinegar..splashed on as soon as possible, will reduce the sting immediately.main-imagemap 

And last, but not least, DUMP STANDING WATER from your property. 

Enjoy your summer bite free!

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