Monday, August 9, 2010

Thrift finds

My dear friend, Sharon and I took a morning off together for some thrifting at a store we have only been to once. IT WAS CLOSED….how dare they! Well, you won’t believe what it lead us to….another shop we had never even heard hide nor hair…..and the best part, it was huge! Prices tending to be on the high side but we did find some bargains….some real keepers.thrifting 006

thrifting 025

Love this little cabinet, perfect on my back porch for notes stuck on with magnets and other odds and ends, like dog collars, etc. Or it would be real sweet in my laundry room with all the rest of my wash boards, if it was bigger it would make a great cabinet for soaps, etc. I can’t decide. It measures 9” x 18” and it has a little red orange in the label that would match my cabinet on the porch. Hummm. Maybe I need two.thrifting 015

This sweet little book was produced in 1968 and is a copy of a book written by ‘Father to Mother’ for their golden anniversary in 1913. He found meaning for all the flowers and hand wrote the whole book. Isn’t that the most romantic thing you ever heard?

thrifting 017


  1. Oh my..I want that little't that make a cute medicine cabinet for a cabin? The cacti have been blooming the last couple of months...they love the heat..We will have a new guest house done after Christmas...hope one day you can come down and spend a few days...the view is awesome!

  2. You are so "on the ball" girlfriend. I came home whipped and just sat and contemplated my navel! "Tomorrow is another day" ...Scarlett O'Hara

  3. The cabinet is soooo cute, you'll enjoy figuring out where exactly to put it and what to go inside.

    Precious book.... that's really special!

    I'm laughing my head off at Sharon contemplating her navel...I've never heard that one, I love it!

  4. Love your finds....I just love a good bargain!


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