Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Little Country Walk..

idaho 032

Look at this beauty! It’s real oldie, maybe, 50’s?idaho 046

Great paint job.

idaho 019

Lunch, anyone?

idaho 058

Or how about a trip to the outhouse?

idaho 064 There is beauty, high and low….idaho 094

idaho 153

Such a perfect cloudy day.

idaho 149

Dainty wildflowers.

idaho 160

Follow me down the road….

idaho 172

idaho 162

idaho 167

I’ll leave the gate open for you.

idaho 145

And don’t forget to smell the flowers.


  1. beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!
    you are sooooo lucky to be there! keep enjoying!!

  2. Wow, more amazingly beautiful pictures!!!
    I think I'll pass on lunch on the picnic table and using the outhouse, but you had a beautiful walk.

  3. I thought maybe you got yourself a new trailer for the road.

    Loved the pictures....thanks, the flowers smell lovely.

  4. Such serene beauty. Love it, thanks.

  5. I sure do wish that was my trailer! What a beauty!


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