Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Mini Vacation

idaho 002

Getting up early for a vacation was always exciting when I was a kid.  New adventures waited just around the corner.  I headed off on just such a trip, Monday morning, to Lake Kelso in Idaho, with my dear friend, Sharon.  This was the view outside my dining room window, as I was leaving.idaho 111

And here is what was waiting for me!idaho 116 How can you beat this?idaho 120 Fall is shortly coming on….rain was forecast with temperatures running around 40.  What we got…was perfect!  A short sprinkle with some thunder, right over our heads, just added to our wonder and enjoyment of Fall in the Pacific Northwest.   A super time!idaho 110 Wild daisies, too!idaho 024 Little sun breaks.idaho 080idaho 082 idaho 083 idaho 088 idaho 052 idaho 119   The reflections on the lake, were incredible.idaho 124

And the sunsets….to die for!idaho 135


  1. Great pictures....makes me feel like I just took a hike! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your pictures are so beautiful!!!! This sounds like a perfect mini vacation; I can't imagine 40 degree weather, wow!
    Your pictures should be framed....gorgeous!

  3. Wow! what great pic's...
    Did Dash get to enjoy any of this?

  4. what a fantastic place!!!! perfect for relax!


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