Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Smart Tips Tuesday

porch 007

Today’s tip has to do with all those out takes, we all get. Here’s a good example…me holding, camera, in left corner. Needless to say, this can easily be cropped out.porch 013

These….not so easy!porch 011

I am especially good at getting my feet in on the show, as well. No shot, of that one today, as I already deleted it! Ha!porch 018

But once in awhile, we get lucky. And when we are working at our best, we do it on purpose!

I have been working on another window for the back porch. This one was distressed with products from a major hardware store. I attached an old door knob (no, I did not paint it!) and a hinge up top to hang it. porch 010 If you notice the stem on the door knob is square and after drilling a hole in the window, I mounted the knob and found a round nut to fit the square stem!!!! And they say you can’t fit a square peg in a round hole!!!! Ha! porch 014 porch 016 Next I mounted an old hinge to the top back.porch 025 porch 024

I had the cutest little fly swatter, I got while visiting the Prosser Farmgirls (a chapter of MaryJane’s Farm), a few months ago and added it to the window.

Thanks, for visiting my blog!


  1. I see, your post a comment is mixed up in the extra photos at the bottom so it is hard to see.

    Love the window...just love it.

  2. Karen, You are a wonderful handy-woman!!!! Is there anything you can't do?

    I love your finished window!

  3. These windows are turning out so cute!! I love this last one...especially the fly swatter and the color! I could just see them in a green house (that I am planning and scheming for my birthday!)..

  4. I luv the crackle finish you put on the window...hmm, wouldn't that look cute in my trailer?
    Come see trailer #3 when you get a chance.


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