Monday, September 13, 2010

Waning days of Summer

sept yard 008 (1024x768)

These beautiful days are clicking by so fast. When I went out to take pictures yesterday I was surprised at the radical differences I saw around my home. Tiny flowers and insects fighting for the last sweet days of summer and the fields already catch by fall.

sept yard 011 (713x1024)


sept yard 018 (711x1024) (2)

sept yard 021 (1024x768)

A page is turning……

sept yard 003 (892x1024)

sept yard 004 (558x560)

Yet, there is a sweet humming in the air.

sept yard 024 (806x1024)

sept yard 022 (768x1024)

sept yard 025 (690x1024)

sept yard 029 (574x1024)

Such sweet endings. Enjoy these last warm summer days. Autumn is here next week. Part of me can’t wait to snuggle down on the couch and put the binding on my completed quilt, or do a little crochet…..but I will miss the these warm sweet September days.


  1. Yes I think this summer has just flown by, seems like I just planted all my flowers and now its almost time ot rake leaves. YIPES.
    Nancy Jo

  2. Karen, these are such lovely pictures. My favorite is the last one..... I want to walk down that little's very inviting.

    I'm ready for cooler weather, but I don't want the beauty of the greenery to disappear..... oh well, it will return.

  3. Love your photos. Pray you have a blessed week and get to come by for a visit. Debbie


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