Sunday, September 19, 2010

Super Simple Sundays

porch 005

Sunrise on my painting of the African wine country.


  1. love the color on your wall!
    have a happy sunday my friend!

  2. Karen, I saw a slide show once of personal pics of Africa and so many of them reminded me of Arizona..especially the sunsets. Love the Arizona color on your wall too!! The way I do the degree thingy is ..put on the num lock on the side number pad...hold down the alt key and then press 0176 when you let up on the alt key it should be there...° ° ° ° °'t take much to make me laugh...

  3. Beautiful..... I love the colors..... and I'll take a glass of wine.... thank you!

  4. Beautiful! And what a great photo...the light, the composition....perfect!!!

  5. Karen,
    Beautiful picture! The light coming in is perfect.
    I see you are being creative, guess its that time of year, get out the yarn and the needles and the hooks.
    Nancy Jo


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