Saturday, September 18, 2010

Keeping busy….

kp 004 (1024x833)

It’s so funny how just as the weather turns cooler, my hand reaches for the crochet 015 (1024x998) Could it be the bright and vibrant colors, that entice me, on these dreary days? Or is the draw, just an automatic one, to squirrel away for winter? v 012 (768x1024) Or could it be, a need to snuggle up on the couch, with my handmade afghan wrapped around my feet, and do mindless therapy? I suppose it’s all of that…. I just have to keep my hands busy! Does fall do this to you? Are you canning, preserving, bringing in the wood, harvesting, finishing your quilt, stocking the pantry, knitting up a storm (humm, wonder where that term came from…) or just plain hunkering down?

These crocheted dish cloths can be found in my shop....


  1. Good morning Karen,
    I had to look at the homes again in your previous post..... they're so pretty!

    Our weather here in Texas is just a tad cooler this morning. David and I actually took a long walk with the dog, and it felt so good to breathe the fresh cool air.

    I haven't started hunkering down yet, but I am cleaning out drawers and organizing.....

    Your dish cloths are wonderful!!!

  2. Oh, very few changes in the weather here in Amerika Samoa but I am looking forward to coming back to the State to enjoy the seasons. So keep those hands busy, bright colors are fun and happy.

  3. those dish clother are so beautiful!!!!
    the weather is a little bit changing here too!
    I can't wait for autumn!

  4. Yep...the change in weather does make us want to cozy everything up! We're canning today...

  5. Hello thanks so much for your kind comment on my art freebies blog. i cant wait to see your building too. love your blog :)
    Hugs June xxx

  6. Why of cource,,, I am doing ALL of those things...wink wink!

    I actually sewed a Halloweenie apron yesterday,,,sort of missed sitting at my sewing machine and last evening was the perfect evening to do some sewing.


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