Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vintage Advertising



Some of this old advertising, seems a bit dorkie…why is he in the ocean with his clothes on? 

My mom had a swim suit like this one and I wore it when I was 16…that summer boys got interested…with all the stays (bones) I looked a little bigger (up top) than I really was….lol.

Sorry, I was going to add several other pictures but I am having ‘picture’ problems.  When I put them in a file and go to add them to my post they have disappeared.  More later, when I figure out where they went.  ha!  Maybe, that should say…if.

Also don’t bother to click on ‘View Full Album’…I was trying to add these pictures and it just threw that in…I can’t get rid of it.  Sorry.


  1. The vintage ads are wonderful! They seem to have that special feel to them that many ads today don't have.

    the barn and countryside pictures on your last post are great....who doesn't love old barns?

    Thanks for the idea about the driftwood and knobs coat hanger.....yours turned out really nice!

    (Your comment on my post came as anonymous....)

  2. I'm trying to figure out what the guy in the water is selling...paper plates and napkins?

  3. lol..we must have been leaving comments on each other blogs at the same time!

  4. ha ha ha... i hadn't even noticed the guy had on his t. and yes! too funny... ha, the frozen happiness on those images.
    it made my morning thugh. :)


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