Sunday, September 26, 2010

Farmgirls of the heart

Yesterday, as I was cleaning up my blog.  I hit on an old post about Farmgirls.  I don’t normally go back and read my old posts but it was fun and made me do a bit of thinking.  (That is always good!)

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Farmgirls truly are everywhere….

”I've been an official MaryJane's Farmgirl for two years now, it seems like forever but I think that it is because being a Farmgirl is a condition of the heart. My paternal grandparents had a farm but I grew up in the city (Seattle) and never lived or even visited a farm. But I always felt a strong yearning for 'the good old days', when you made it do, you reinvent, or just plain overused it, 'til it wore out....then you stripped it down and made something else out of it. I think, for me that is what MaryJane's is all about, getting back to the basics! Whether it is making fresh baked bread and sharing the recipe, crafting homemade cards for a swap or building a chicken coop with advice from other Farmgirls; it's all about sharing and maybe, a little making due in this economy. And if you check it out, click on the icon on the right or, you will meet some of the most awesome, wonderful, farmgirls from the city, the country, the US and the world! Have a sunny Farmgirl kind of day

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I posted this on June 1, 2010, under the heading, “You know you live in the country when..”  It reminded me that Farmgirls are truly everywhere….and you can find them all over blog land.

Blog land has the best Farmgirls; they love to repurpose, make do, go ‘back to the basics’; whether, it is making their own laundry soap, hanging out the laundry, decorating their vintage trailer or crafting with vintage finds. They are always reinventing themselves.

I am thankful everyday for all the wonderful women I meet here.  When I first started two years ago, (wow, is that all it’s been?), I felt like I was out in no man’s land!  It was a lonely feeling….just go back and read your very first post!  You might die laughing. 

Do you remember how nervous you were?  Will anyone ever see this?  Will there ever be any comments?  And, oh, the dance, when you finally got one!  And what about that followers list?  Don’t you just love seeing a new one?

None of us are in a ‘no man’s land’ but we often feel we are.  We are all just a ‘click’ away and I thank all of you for that! When I am down or tired or want to share a success, you are always there for me! Thank you!!!

You can find a list of many of the wonderful blogs I follow, right here.  Check them out and meet some new friends!

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  1. Very well said. You know I'm always a click away my friend.

  2. Karen, this is just a great post! I feel exactly the same way..and I do remember my first comment and my first followeres. The same girls that leave me comments to this day are the ones that were with me the very beginning. It is so important for women to encourage women and blogging is a great way to do that...there are so many talented women that have the entrepreneur spirit and we need to learn to promote that every chance we get. I think that is why Mary Jane Farm, the Farmchicks and Sisters on the Fly are so popular...they are selling that lifestyle the women are looking for...

  3. I must be 1/2 and 1/2.....a little farm girl and a little city. I do love getting back to the basics and re-doing old pieces of furniture, but I also like my new 'stuff'....

    Oh I remember how scary it was for me the first few times I hit the 'Publish'.....but receiving followers and comments were the biggest thrill.
    I agree, meeting the wonderful, caring women in blogland has been more than I ever dreamed of....

  4. Thanks so much for your comments...I love that you feel the same way!!


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