Thursday, September 16, 2010


Going for a walk, with my friend, Sharon, is always a delight….she takes me to the best places!  The other day, we walked in the Millwood district in Spokane, Washington.  I was very surprised at the lovely homes to be found near the Mill (Paper).roofs 075

This home was a real treasure, as I was about to see….roofs 011

roofs 005

roofs 055

roofs 051

Notice the clay pot chimneys?

roofs 015 

How about this garage?  Looks like the drawbridge should have a moat around it!  Look at those roof lines…I would never want to pay to have that replaced or do the work!

roofs 052

After this stunning start, we headed next door….

roofs 048 A little Spanish influence….roofs 019

roofs 025

roofs 026 

This one also had a wonderful gate, with a lovely fountain.

roofs 040

This beautiful Italian Revival, sat sedately on the corner with one fabulous front entry…roofs 041 They even left the light on for us!  roofs 032

 And look at this sweet picket fence!roofs 043 And this adorable little bungalow.roofs 044

roofs 030

                                    roofs 079

roofs 056

How about the pitch on this roof….and doesn’t it look like a happy face with lots of teeth?  :)

roofs 086 And this was our lunch spot.  And to our total amazement, we found these huge Morning Glories blooming right here!  roofs 087 Always, beauty in the least likely places.


  1. Okay ... now I don't have to post my pictures. I'll just direct my folowers to your blog. Stinker ... you put them on first!

  2. Oh my goodness....... I love all these beautiful and unique homes. You are so fortunate to have a walk such as this.......I absolutely love/ love/ love..... walking past old homes such as this, but nothing quite like that here in Seguin...Texas.

    What's blooming with the pink flowers on the tree in one of the pictures?...

    I love these pictures!

  3. WOW...I have never seen so many styles of architecture in one neighborhood...don't you know those houses cost a pretty penny to build in that time and like you I can't imagine it cost to maintain them....I guess one of those times if you have to ask how much can't afford it...Going to go check out Sharon's blog now so she doesn't pout too long...

  4. Great architecture. They just don't build homes like that anymore!!


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