Wednesday, September 8, 2010

‘Worthless’ Windows

porch 013

As some of you know, I have been working on a ‘decorating’ remodel for my back porch. I decided on a window theme and today, I got to work. I liked one side of the window better than the other so I moved the hardware. ‘Hardware is good’! Next I printed up a couple graphics and grabbed an old photo, that I have had forever. I got tired of it a few years ago and it is just now finding a good home.porch 016

I taped the pictures on the back side of the glass and added some vintage lace trim… I have a curtain. There was a lot of overspray on these windows, and I thought it added to the ambiance, so I just scraped it off in front of the pictures. I also left the old paint on the glass. porch 017 I recently picked up some (super cheap) old brass door plates with the intention of using them, as added interest. I added (a new) door hinge at the top to hang the window. porch 021 porch 022 And one final topper….a antique glass door knob. I am not happy with the mushrooms, so I will spend some time looking for something else. I wanted a botanical but they are usually more rectangular and don’t fit shape of the glass. Otherwise, I am very happy with how this looks with my new old chair.

porch 028

I used a bolt to screw on the knob; I just removed the old guts and drilled a hole in the window for the bolt and threaded it through the back and tightened the knob.porch 031

Now I am one step closer to a complete back porch, I have several other windows I am working one, so stop by later.porch 001

Notice the ugly mushroom is gone? I couldn't get rid of it fast enough.


  1. Ver clever, and so nice that you have the old door knob too!
    Nancy Jo

  2. I love the idea of using the old pictures in the window glass.... great idea.
    Looking good!!!

  3. You've done it again clever girl. I wanna live in your porch!

  4. you are just toooo clever for your own good! now pass me some of that 'Clever'!

  5. I just love it!...I would probably try to find another picture that is the same general style as the top for the bottom frame...and then the little girl in the little to separate them....just an idea. But I am sure when you are finished, you will come up with something spectacular. I agree, though, the mushrooms have to go!

    Great idea!!

  6. Your back porch is REALLY coming together! and I do mean all looks so good..complimenting each other...hope one day you will post some pics of the inside of your house..or did I miss those?

  7. simply lovely, and the step by step... i have just discovered your blog via jane. great!


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