Friday, October 8, 2010

Card Swap

oct mail art

Isn’t this the sweetest card?  My friend, Sharon does such beautiful art work. We are in a monthly mail art exchange over at  And these are our October cards.  I love working side by side with Sharon, her art work is so inspiring!  

mess 019

I love working in her studio….she has everything!  You name it, dried, pressed flowers, clip art, (from forever ago!), boggles, bangles and beads, need I say more? Great big work spaces and always, free coffee! So she let me ‘borrow’ some pressed flowers for my card.  Thanks, Sharon, for a fun time!  Let’s do it again next month! 


  1. Not looking forward to winter but ...Can't wait to start on November Mail Art and Christmas tags. Something to look forward to this year!

  2. Beautiful cards, I have a whole lots of do dads, I really should make up some cards. I did some last year and then seemed to get away from it. Your site always gives me ideas so that helps in getting me going in the right direction.
    Nancy Jo

  3. The cards are adorable!!! Card making is such a good hobby. I love the creativity and giving the cards to others.

  4. Love the cards....looks like you had fun!

  5. Wow, I like your mail art. I can't wait to see what I get this month.

  6. Oh Wowzers! Karen,
    I luv this card! come you & I don't craft?...oh that's right, I am always hanging out at the thrifts scooping up more junk for my lil old trailers! lol!


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