Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spokane River Walk

river 007

A couple weeks ago, my friend Sharon and I got another chance to walk down by the Spokane River near Stateline, Idaho.  It was a gorgeous Autumn day!

river 022

We saw a little bit of everything….some poison oak….an old fender from a very old truck…

river 009

river 012

river 024

to jelly roll trees!

river 025

It was a meandering path but each spot had it’s own appeal.  This shady spot was where the little birds were hiding.  I just love getting away from it all and still living within a few miles of this beauty.


  1. Hope we have another chance to do that before the snow flies. There should be a lot waterfowl on the river soon. Canada geese will be on the move.

  2. Oh, that sounds so good to me!

  3. I'm trying hard NOT to be jealous of this wonderful/beautiful walk.... so much beauty .... your pictures are gorgeous...... !!!

  4. wow! Gorgeous pictures!


    barbara jean


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