Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Good News…. that my 1969 Shasta trailer (Ms. Daisy from Driving Ms. Daisy) has her own brake system!!  Yea!  I knew she handled like a dream!  And she has a new pump, capability for hot water, battery backup (I have to buy one) and now all I have to figure out is how the toilet works.  My sprinkler repair guy, took a look at Daisy today and filled me in on some of her goodies!  I am thrilled.  He even thought I got a good deal.

The even BETTER NEWS is my back is on the mend!  I have basically been flat on my back for the last two (beautiful Autumn) days.  I haven’t had one of these episodes for some time, so it knocked me for a loop.  There is one more day of lovely weather, so I will be outside all day, tomorrow, back permitting!  Can’t wait!  Cooler weather and wind coming our way….bummer.

ms daisy 016   ms daisy 015 ms daisy 013 So, I am on the lookout for a fridge, which was in that hole.  It has been modified, probably to hold a microwave.  I will be putting it back to the original opening.  And moving back a wall in the bathroom, to it’s original spot, so one can sit up straight on the toilet!  Men!

I am preparing the paneling for paint today but probably won’t get to paint this fall, as it is getting really cold.  Catch you later.


  1. Keep us all informed on the progress. I'm so excited for you. Wish you could find a warm indoor garage to use for the winter so it would be ready to go in the Spring. Luv, S

  2. I hear ya about being antsy to work on her, ditto for me and!
    Hopefully Sat. Gary can finish up the front cabinet panel and drawer fronts....befor the rains come in on Sat nite(according to the weatherman) my Winter project(1 of many) is to find colored glass drawer pulls(found @ Hobby Lobby for $2.99 ea), make the curtains, sew a quilt, sew some deco pillows and peruse the Thrifts for more "stuff" to stuff her with! lol!
    We certainly are birds of a feather....& we will be "neighbors" in June @ the Farm Chick show...
    : > )

  3. I can hardly wait to see the transformation! Green with envy...


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