Friday, October 1, 2010


This time of year, all smart critters are storing up for winter.  A bit of gathering… of this and that, making a warm and cozy nest, food put aside and plenty of ‘blankets’. 

I was cleaning out the garage again, today (this may go on awhile!) and found this old thingie with an adorable old nest and two very tiny eggs.  I had this hung on my garage for a couple of years and the same birds came back for two years to make a home.  The last year they left these eggs…so sad, but I had to keep it.  blog 008

So I got to thinking about these beautiful nests… 009

And had to share this other picture….today I took down a tree in the yard and found this white nest.  Look at that soft cotton and the blue strings from one of those nasty blue tarps, I suppose it is not the prettiest nest…compared to the perfectly round one, next to it but…’s ok in my book.  It has a free flow design, kinda’ artistic, I think.   blog 011

So I got this strong nesting urge.  I started working on a demo….

blog 002

I tore apart this old seat cushion to salvage the….

blog 003

wonderful cotton and ……

blog 005 

the burlap! 

No, I am not building a nest!  Although, at some later date (possibly after my death), they will wonder what I was thinking, when they come to clean out this house!  

Just nesting a few craft materials away, for the winter.  This old burlap has really got me ‘going’( I am so easy)…..can’t wait to start playing around with it!  And the cotton, why it would make the most adorable little nests….I had better watch out, I had way too many mice in the house last year, no encouragement needed this year!

What are you ‘nesting’ away?



  1. Love when I come across one of those precious little nests. They are just so perfect, and you never know what you might find as building materials. Once found one with tinsel in it.

  2. Karen, I love the nests.. I too have this "Nest desire " and I have a few and Really need to get them out and add them to my fall decor. Thanks for sharing.. It got me thinking about the birds which I also love. Have fun with your projects.'

  3. OMG! is that what I think it is? Aljo seat?

  4. I cannot believe ta nest in the beautiful rusty piece. It is just like what I would put one of my hand-made nests in!

    And that odd white nest with blue strings: Fine for the birds, and yes artistically flowing, but not what I would make. =)

    Great idea t salvage those bench parts!! Just keep them in a plastic storage container so the mice do not get them. Learned that the hard way. =/


    barbara jean

    PS Nice to catch up on your great blog!


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