Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Smart Tips Tuesday

I found a wonderful stained glass window not long ago and decided to hang it in my office window.  It already had some hinges on it.  (Instant hooks!)  So I cut some chain to fit each hinge and put some hooks up on the window frame and there it is……instant art! 

leaded 003

leaded 017

It’s a pretty dark and dreary day, so these pictures are kinda’ dark.  The frame is off white but in the picture it looks black and I kinda’ like that.  Maybe, I should paint it.

leaded 004

leaded 018  

I know this is Smart Tips Tuesday and you are wondering where is the smart tip.  Ha!  Got you there, didn’t I?  I guess, since you have put me on the spot,  my tip would be….put your DIY projects out where everyone can see them, even the people driving by your house!   


  1. You come up with the prettiest ideas .....

  2. I love stained glass..... yours is so pretty.... and what a great idea!!!

  3. LOVE the window!!
    Looks great.

    Not sure why my comment section would not let you sign in except for anonymous, but here I am anyway. =)

    All knobs and handles are for sale, and I have old hinges, belt buckles and more cool stuff! I'm cleaning house, remember? =)

    What is a good way to send you prices, and pictures? Guess I could just list them on my blog.
    (without pay pal for now so you can choose first if you'd like)

    barbara jean


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