Sunday, October 10, 2010

Auction for Simonga Village, Africa

I’ve been connected with Simonga Village in Zambia since I got back from Safari last fall. I was fortunate to spend a little time in the village and met with Principal Chester, of Simonga Basic School, while I was there. We correspond through email and he has told me about their ‘poultry project’ for which I am more than happy to help. Earlier in the year, my friend, Sharon and I made blankets for the village, one family in particular, the mother of which has leprosy and needed blankets for her 9 children. As you may know, shipping is totally prohibitive (everywhere) and it seems wisest to just send money, after spending, well over $100 on shipping last time. So on that note, I made this quilt and decided to auction it off instead.

africa quilt 007

africa quilt 004

africa quilt 005

This is a Debbie Mumm fabric…Noah’s Noel. I got the fabric in 1999. It is in excellent condition and all cotton. The quilt measures 44” by 35”, great for a crib. This quilt has gorgeous rich colors, these photos do not do it justice!

The Auction is open for one week, and the winner with the highest bid will receive the quilt, shipped direct to their home, free of charge. The Auction will close on October 17th at 9 pm PST. The money will then be donated to Simonga Village near Livingstone, Zambia for use in the village. If you have any questions just shoot me an email, thanks and good luck!


  1. I'll bid $55 for the beautiful quilt and a wonderful cause. My son went to Zimbabwe twice to visit the orphanages, hospitals, and schools...very sad and so much help needed.

  2. Thank you ladies, for such generous bids! I am completely overwhelmed!!! Karen

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