Friday, November 5, 2010

Columbia Plateau Trail

walk 036

+walk 033+

It was an unbelievable sunny November day, so what’s a girl to do?  Why head out to see some nature on the Centennial Trail.

\ This trail extends from this area (Cheney, Wa) into Idaho and is used for biking, jogging and walking.  It dips into beautiful wooded areas, Fish Lake and along the Spokane River.  Scenery worth seeing.

walk 004

walk 005

walk 015

And there is still lots of color out there.  I just could not get over this lime green slime!  Oh, sorry, lime green fungus.

walk 006

walk 007

walk 014

walk 020

walk 028

walk 032

walk 035

This is back at the entrance where you can take a little more rustic unfinished part of the trail.  Still quite lovely and a bit more primitive.  The Centennial trail was built on top of the old rail line after the tracks were removed.  In some areas you can still see old trestles and rusty metal/wood beams.  It really is an interesting walk.


  1. Thanks for the trip along the trail. Your section looks totally different than ours out here by the border which follows closely along the Spokane River. What a gift the Centennial Trail was to Eastern Washington.

  2. That bridge is just amazing...loved all of your photos and wish I was out there walking that trail with you.

  3. Gorgeous photos...I am so looking forward to traveling next summer...hope to have our 54 Bellwood trailer ready to go...can hardly wait !


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