Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vintage Fabric Finds


v 019 (768x1024)

I promised I would share some of my thrift finds….can you believe this fabulous piece?  All of these are 36” wide so you know they are from at least the 50’s!  This one is so retro looking!  May I show you another part of this one…so cute…..v 017 (1024x768) Too adorable!  And I got 4 yards!  Here’s another one….v 027 (968x1024) this one is an apron panel.  I didn’t even really know they made them.  I got four of these and each one is cuter than the next!  v 029 (750x1024) I just posted two of these in my vintage etsy, and this one is already sold!  One view and it was gone!  Here is another one I just posted….(Gone l hour later!)v 033 (1280x1236)

These can be made into long or short aprons too.  Isn’t this one super sweet?  v 032 (979x1280)

And I think this is my favorite, it just says, “I AM VINTAGE”!!!!

   v 022 (1024x768)

And last but not least, this adorable tiny tweety bird print and there is four yards of this one, too. 

They are all going in my vintage etsy, so check it out if you like, that is if any are still there!


  1. What a lucky find. I can see where they flew off the etsy shelf!

  2. Oh wow...totally love your vintage finds....

  3. Great bargain Karen.. Love all the prints.

  4. Wow, what wonderful finds! Eureka!! You struck gold.

  5. Wow, beautiful vintage pieces of fabric!!! I like all of them!!!

  6. They said "apron" as soon as I saw them. Just too cute! It's no wonder they're flying out of your Etsy shop. Love'm.

  7. Love all things vintage!



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