Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Smart Tips Tuesday

mess 007

A few years ago I removed the old door on my office and used it upstairs in my new bathroom. I have been looking for several years, for a replacement.

mess 008

Since my office could also be a bedroom, I have been looking for a solid door. The practical side of me, always surfaces! I decided recently, to think outside the box and get something, I would like better.

mess 010

Since this was a used door, I had to rework the hinges and the door knob to work in the existing opening. Oh, and shorten the door. All a bit of a pain but not difficult. Really the hardest part is finding help to carry it.

Lots of patching, priming and painting and …….a door any old house would love!

crafting 005

crafting 008

crafting 006

crafting 007

Or if you want to do it the easy way, just prop the door on a wall and you have instant shabby chic decor!

Hey, I gotta’ go…..I have a need to look for more old doors, I have two more to do. This time for a bath and upstairs door, I think I will look for some really funky ones. How about a window in the bathroom door? Hey, I am not kidding!

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  1. Yeah ... we all want to peak in your bathroom while you're doing your thing!

  2. Glad you went outside the box for the office / spare bedroom...I mean really..how often is it used for a spare room...I always think your house should be the way you want it...not for other people...

  3. Looks great, Karen. You sure are one handy gal!

  4. Did you change the name of your blog?

    I just love the door...wish I was gifted in that area but nope.....I guess I will just stick to fabrics.

  5. Wow... what a great job you did installing that door. Looks wonderful!


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