Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Step back in Time….


town 006 Love this old sign!town 008

My friend, Lori and I met in 1965,  so we felt right at home when we stopped for a quick lunch, here, yesterday.  A quaint step back in time, more fifties than sixties.  We met in Wenatchee, where everything was a real step back in time in those days!  When I moved there the population was 18,000 and apple orchards abounded (right in town, too)!

town 015

town 011

Everywhere you looked was another sumptuous decorating delight.

It was a cool, rainy day outside but the golden buttery yellow made for a warm and inviting spot to rest our feet, after our fast and furious, manic thrifting  morn. 

town 013

town 014

town 016

Aren’t those the cutest stools, ever?  I want one in my kitchen!  After lunch, we were ready for one more go round….and we even found a new antique store to pilfer!  And yes, I did find something, but you will have to wait to see it.  It was dark before I had a chance to take some pictures.   So……later.


  1. Yes we had a few diners in my area when I was growing up that were pretty neat. Nice pictures you took.
    Grayson is a real cute little guy, such a cute age.
    Nancy Jo

  2. What a fun cafe....just love it.

  3. There's nothing like that around here....... I wanna go there..... brings back distant memories.

  4. You went to Wenatchee w/o me?
    bad, bad Karen...just for that, you need to treat me to a Pumpkin Latte' at S.B.... lol!


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