Monday, January 17, 2011

The Family Tree

P1080539 This is my Grandma Mary Maxwell (mother’s side) at 14, about 2 years before she came to North America from Scotland. Gram Trites 001 Here she is at 28, (I wonder how long her hair is) just before she married my Grandpa, Charles Frederick Trites, (she was married before but her husband died on his return from WWI).old photos 008 Yep, that’s me shortly after we moved into the house in the University District (U of W), in Seattle, back in 1947. My Grandma and Grandpa came to live with us, after they sold their corner grocery store, in the mid 50’s. I adored having them living upstairs in our huge old Victorian house, (without the gingerbread). (It’s not the one in the picture.)001 (931x1280) This was probably taken in 1952, our mother made our robes and the lamb and horse (out of an old coat). I still have my horse. She is a fabulous seamstress…she use to make my father’s suits, matching dresses for the two of us, and some sewing on the side.

This is my brother, Brian, (1948-2002). We had two other brothers, Mark, (1952-1975) and Kevin who was born in 1963. Just the youngest and the oldest left…Kevin and Karen.


  1. Great photos...I love old family photos. I wish I had my grandparents old picture, but my cousin has them. She was going to scan them and put them on a disc....that was about 8 years ago....still no pictures. You are lucky to have them!! Love the top picture...too cool.

  2. What wonderful photos....such lovely women in your family.

  3. lovely photos!! thanks for sharing them!

  4. Oh Karen, these are wonderful photos and the top frame that looks like a clip board is amazing.
    Thanks for sharing bits of your family heritage!


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