Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thriftin’ Time Tuesday

bath 003 I passed up this framed mirror at least once when I spotted it at the thrift store…the gold was so ugly!  So naturally I thought the $3 was too much….for ugly!  So after picking it up recently, I let it lay around and gather dust….as you can see.ttt 012 I sprayed it one of the new burnished silvers and glazed it with bronze (which looks black) and then highlighted it with champagne gold metallic paint……ttt 013 ttt 015 Just for fun I centered the dining room fixture in the mirror…sorry, I got side tracked!ttt 017 Most anything is better than that ugly gold….now, mind you, I like gold but just not that shade.  Boy, it is hard to photograph the detail and color on this kind of thing.  And then there is the hand thing….they always get in the way!P1080459 Sorry, I guess I got carried away with the rabbit ears!  This is a before shot of this frame….just plain gold.P1080463 Here it is with a little antiquing.  P1080473 Hard to really tell much in these pictures but it is darker and richer.



  1. fantastic!
    love what you are doing with all those frames!!

  2. I need you to come thrifting with me...you have such a good eye and are so creative with the paint!!

  3. I agree with you on the ugly color of the gold, but wow, it looks so beautiful in its new paint job.
    I love antiquing .....it gives such a richer look...


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