Friday, February 11, 2011

Got a leak?

thrift 014
If that old faucet just can’t be fixed and you saved the old handles then here is a project for you!  I kept these handles from an old claw foot tub and have had them for decades.  
I have been fussing with these faucet handles for some very long time and on Tuesday, it finally all came together.  I was wandering around Habitat for Humanity….looking for a bargain, and found some old ceiling tiles.  You know the kind….pressed sawdust with designs.  There were a couple pieces with a slight lace effect and so I grabbed them for .25ea.  Now mind you, I was looking for the tin kind for this project but they or even anything similar was not to be found.  So I settled on this, as it also gave me a good base to attach my handles.
Here’s a little photo display to explain what I did….thrift 009
Using a matte knife and metal edge ruler, I cut the tile down to fit the frame.
 thrift 010 
thrift 011
At this point, I measured for the handles and used a sharp nail to punch holes for my screws.  Depending on what material you use for the background, you may need to predrill your holes.  In some cases I used nuts and bolts to hold the handles to the base.  It took me almost two hours to get the right screws, etc. with help, at the hardware store!  Old parts don’t have the new screw sizes!  Be prepared!  Winking smile
thrift 016
I happened to have a ‘deep dish’ frame for this one so I have several stacks of cardboard to fill in. 
thrift 015
Excuse the ‘girlie’ hammer, I don’t personally use one this small but it was in the house and it is cold outside in the garage….thus, use what’s on hand!
thrift 018 
Since I found two of those ‘H’ handles at Habitat for .50 ea. I decided to make two of these ‘pictures’.  The frames were each $1 and I spray painted them, had the paint and the handles….I am out…$1.75 for each framed ‘Art ‘. 
thrift 013
This one goes in my bathroom but must wait for another project to get finished before it gets hung.  It is another one with handles of a sort so it may take awhile, as well.

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  1. Now that is using your creative eye! I love it.

  2. Karen ... you are just to clever/smart for words! I love the old handles, brings back memories of my grandmother's house, and this is such a wonderful way to use them.... you could sell those for much bigger bucks than what you spent...
    Love your creations!

  3. How cute!! You are just sooooo creative!! I am going to just start saving all of my "junque" and sending it your way for a makeover!! Ha!!

  4. GREAT idea...always love this kind of display...have a great weekend!

  5. clever. clever. clever and beautiful! adore your idea. at first glance i thought you were going to say you spent a mint on this from some fancy store.


  6. This is so darn cute! How perfect for a bathroom. At first glance I thought the ceiling tile was a piece from a chenille bedspread. Fabulous job Karen and thanks for the tutorial.

  7. What an adorable piece of wall art for the bath. You did a great job with the design, Karen. Do we get to see it in place? ;)

    Thanks for linking to the party. And be sure to enter the giveaway, if you haven't already.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  8. I love your art for the loo! Great minds think alike, me thinks. Here's what I did with mine:

    Not art for the loo, but the very same handles!

  9. fun piece!!

    don't you just love using what you have...mostly..



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