Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Making Cards


I had to make some Valentine cards with all the pretty clip art I have been posting here in the last few weeks.  This card was for a card swap over at Mary Jane’s Farm Connection, that I do every month.  It’s a ton of fun ‘cause I get to use Sharon’s (good buddy and local MJ farmgirl) studio!  She has every embellishment for card making (actually, any craft) possible….a true treasure trove!  And she is so generous….thanks, Sharon.



cards 001

This one is for my Mother, I always give her cards with roses for some reason. Guess I just love pink roses.  Hope she likes it.  The rest will have to wait until after the holiday…can’t be letting them see what they will be getting!


  1. Beautiful cards and I'm so happy to share. They are much more fun to create now that I have a talented bud to play with.

  2. Karen, you're so creative, and your work is always very pretty!!!

  3. OH my word, these are works of art to be framed. I love crafted cards, I keep everyone of them my friend creates for me. Like you, she is gifted in so many ways.

  4. Very pretty and creative cards and I'm sure they'll be treasured by your friend an your mom.

    Orchids are amazing. Just ordinary green things until they flower and then just WOW!

  5. How lovely, Karen!! I would have loved to make cards and send to my friends....why is it I always feel like I am about a month behind my own life???

  6. Oh Karen you make the most Beautiful and creative cards, I'm sure who ever gets them will be keeping them.
    Nancy JO

  7. cute. nice to be back visiting again.


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