Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Musings


Door 4farmers daughter


Don’t you just love this adorable pantry?  So organized!  But my fav….the door!

Sorry I was not able to remember where some of these pictures came from.




I love the wide frame on this small item, and what I saw here was some mosaic tiles, broken leftover tiles or even some small quilts.  Little things in big frames…


AAA quilts 016 Large Web view


I love black and white and this fringy look….divine!




Now there are several things I could call my favs here….love that frame, of course, the beautiful blue float but I picked this for the fun pillow!  I have lots of old shell buttons and some used linen…need I say more?



What do I love about this….absolutely everything!!!  Now I wish I had followed with the bead board into my laundry room.  And that shelf…the white on white…I mean come on what’s not to love here?


  1. Oh yeah!! Wish I had a window in my laundry room. So much you can do with some outside light and lace curtains.

  2. love the the black and the laundry room...sometimes I wish I wasn't a minimumlist (sp?)...but I just can't see keeping all that stuff clean in real life..

  3. Makes me want to redecorate!

    That chalk door is pretty cool.....
    I need that since I keep forgetting stuff! LOL

  4. Oh....that first picture just did it for your post.

  5. These pictures make me want to start decorating all over again. Love that pantry and laundry room, I sure wish mine looked like that.

  6. Oh such inspiration...makes me want to redo my laundry room!!

  7. Wow. great post and thing that are shared in this are amazing.


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