Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Think I Like …..


Yellow…it’s new to me, I haven’t used it, anywhere, since I was 13.  I wore a yellow dress, my mother made me, at my 8th grade graduation.  That is the last of yellow in my life until now.  (It’s got nothing to do with the dress…I liked it.)  Yellow is just not a good color for my skin.

I have started adding yellow back very gradually in the last few months.  My vintage trailer is an example.  I even bought a few yellow plants for the yard this year!  (I had to share this cute idea on grouping pint jars that I found on the internet, cute, huh?) 

I have always thought of myself as a tomboy, so yellow was too terribly feminine!  Not anymore.  I am starting to embrace my femininity!  God Bless women….have a great Memorial weekend. 




  1. The walls in our new home are a light yellow and I LOVE it!!!!
    these flowers are gorgeous! Yes, I feel the same way, I was a tomboy and never VERY girly. HOwever, the older I get, the more I feel like you do.
    Sorry for whining on my blog and thank you for your sweet encouragement. Just tired. It seems when I "reply" to comments , they are not going through, so leaving a note here.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  2. I almost did my trailer in yellow but decided on bright one will be yellow I think...

  3. I don't wear yellow but I do like it in my quilts.

  4. This is such a cute it and I love yellow flowers. I can't wear it either, but guess what? I remember the dress my mom made me for my 8th grade was yellow with lace on the sleeves. She hemmed it, I shortened it, and she lenghthened it again...we went back and forth. I can't remember who won.

  5. Yellow is one of my favorite colors to look at, but not for me to wear. I always think of yellow as a happy color.

    I LOVE THE grouping of the pint jars..... so cute!!

  6. Yellow is not a good color on me either. My SIL had yellow bridesmaid dresses (back in 1981) and I looked terrible in that dress....still cringe when I see a picture of me in that dress.
    Yellow is a great color for decorating though. A happy color.


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