Friday, May 27, 2011

When it Rains it Pours…

and it has indeed been raining…a lot!  And the winds….just something awful.  I had to cover the trailer (Ms. Daisy) as it has a little leak in one corner, that I haven’t had the time to fix.  She is nearly ready to hit the road.  I found another fridge the same size (new) and will get that in this weekend.  So yesterday I started on some pillows.

 v  pillow 007


v  pillow 016

And in the background is the quilt I made for Trailer Trash (1959 Aljo), saved for Ms. Daisy (the Aljo died in a freak wind).

v  pillow 013

And I got this embroidered linen from Mary Jane’s Farm Fair, a couple years back and have been saving it for my vintage trailer…perfect!  I loved it and for those of you who might know, Farmgirl Frannie made this. 

Gee, the sun came out, what a surprise!  Even though it is cold out there, I still have lots of little things to do…be back soon with more from Ms. Daisy.


  1. Your pillows and quilt are too cute and so colorful. Thanks for the blogger advice and hope I see you at Farm Chicks show.

  2. Cute pillow and I like the message. It pays to advertise!!

  3. I so adore your color choice for Miss Daisy. I cant wait to see more pictures. If you happen one night to walk to see her you may find me there... I think she mighty-fine, she has sure captured my heart.

  4. Lookin' good, and I luv the pillow saying...just don't tell you know who! lolol!
    Ok, girlfriend, only 6 more days before we are sitting around the campfire! wahooo!

  5. Your pillows are just adorable...what a fabulous job!

  6. Your fabric for Ms. Daisy sure makes me smile. She's going to be the best dressed gal on the road.

  7. Beautiful fabric and colors.....and the message is so cute.

  8. Just found you and your beautiful pillow at Funky Junk! New follower here and I'm hoping to learn more about your Ms Daisy! Sounds like so much darn fun!

  9. Oh Karen! I LOVE the pillow and the saying is awesome! The quilt pretty much rocks too! I cannot sew am so jealous of those with so much talent! Great work.


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