Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Musings


ms daisy 013


I am still working on my vintage trailer everyday, come rain (usually snow) or shine (not much of that!).  Saturday the sun was out just a bit and then it started to rain (just as I was gathering up the skil saw to cut down the bed frame (which had to be taken outside), so I retreated back inside, while it became a serious downpour…then hail and finally sun again for a short time!  No one around here tries to predict the weather, anymore!  Especially the poor weatherman.


ms daisy and v 005



v @ shed 007


I am seeing some progress, after a primer coat and two top coats.  The painting is generally done so I am now working on the appliances.  There was a cutout for the fridge (no fridge), so after grabbing one at a garage sale that almost fits, I am enlarging the hole and then I will paint it to blend with the interior.  By moving the fridge over (new hole size) I will gain a couple of inches in the bath (really needed).


ms daisy and v 001 


Look what’s under the lousy vinyl….the really old stuff!


                                    kp 013 (800x706)


And hopefully by the end of this month, I will be ready for the decorating!!!  I am actually getting excited….except when I think about driving around with Ms. Daisy!!!!


  1. Trying this one more time. Will you be keeping the old old linoleum now? Sharon (anonymous seems to be the only way I can send this)

  2. We saw that wonderful rainbow on our way home yesterday. Watched it form from one end to the other meeting in the middle. It was gorgeous against the dark clouds. S

  3. Just when I think I have made every possible excuse not to have a trailer, I see all what you have done to your gem and then the urges return. Neg vs. pros.... After seeing your post, the pros are on top...again...

    I love how your Miss Daisy is coming along bit by bit. I see you have been busy knitting too the perfect colors for her along with hanging the curtains. Its pure perfection!

    Hope you will continue to post more of your progress and up coming adventures even if its only to take her around town for a test spin.

    Thank you for taking us along...

  4. She's really starting to look good. Won't it be fun when all the construction is finished and you can just start decorating? I love your header flowers and that rainbow is gorgeous.

  5. What an amazing amount of work you've already done. Thanks for showing the progress. I love seeing it from start to finish. The rainbow photo ~~ oh my gosh, beautiful.

  6. Wow, Karen, you have really made some headway there!! Can't wait to see it decorated. You have so many projects going on right now!! I am enjoying following their progress!

  7. Looking good...I love the festive colors you've chosen. Looks like a very happy trailer....!

  8. hahaha! you are one busy lady,,,I suspect you will be the "Bell of the Ball" in June...wink wink!
    I got my curtain rods painted and the new curtains if only we could have a few nice sunny days so i can decopage my trailer inside door!
    Only 24 more days till Farm Chicks! wahoo!

  9. You're making great progress. Us Washingtonians just learn to work with the rain.

    Just think of the great summer we'll have!


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