Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thriftin’ Time Tuesdays


                   v 004 (600x800) 


 I have been making a fair amount of chalkboards from old frames in the last couple of months.  And I have sold almost all of them in my etsy shop www.thevintagebaglady.etsy.com


                 v 001 (800x652)


It is a lot of fun shopping at thrift stores for the old frames but the odd shaped or unusual frames are getting harder to come by, lately.  Darn.


v 002 (547x800)


Not everything gets a chalkboard…after all I need some variety in my life….right? 


 v 005 (600x800)  


I really struggled with this one…it started out as gold and after many layers of different colors…it finally settled into this.  White, gold, silver and black!  But the gal that bought it …loved it.  It’s a mini which adds to it’s attraction.                    


                        v 016 (800x600)


So today I thought I had better start filling up the shop with a few more chalkboards.  Most of the earlier ones were white…today, I went for a little red.  Some Apple Red!  Just so you know the chalkboards are vintage as well, as the frames, so I paint those too.  There are several coats, as well, as dry time, so this doesn’t happen overnight.


 ms daisy and v 011 (1024x807)


                          v 006 (600x800)


I actually entered this one as is in my shop but decided it really did need a makeover.  So here it is…..


v 008 (1024x754)


I think it is a bit more updated look.  It’s apple red with an underlay of dark grey…not sure why it comes out looking orange.  So that’s enough ‘framing’ for today.


               chicks 005

I just had to throw in this picture….look how much my babies have grown!  I had to move them to a larger ‘home’ yesterday.  There big new home, outside is not ready yet.



  1. Love your chalkboards and it looks as if Eleanor is telling Amelia a secret! Adorable!

  2. Oh my, the girls look like gawky adolescents! I love the chalkboards! Will have to go check out your etsy!!

  3. The frame looks great with the red, rather than brown. Wow, I can't believe how your fluffy little chik has grown..

  4. your chalkboards are the best!


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