Saturday, May 21, 2011

What’s Right Under Your Nose?


I have been working feverishly on my vintage trailer, to get her ready for my very first camping trip, on the first weekend of June, with a group of Sisters on the Fly and their vintage trailers.  We will be heading to the Farm Chicks big show here in Spokane! 

I’d been working on adjusting an opening for a fridge on the sink wall.  I needed some wood, so I headed over to my neighbor’s burn pile.   (You might know the one…yep, the same one where I captured two vintage nightstands for my coop).


ms d chicks 009  ,


It may not look like much but there are lots of good pieces of wood here.  I found what I was looking for and……that’s when I discovered some real treasures.

                        ms d chicks 011 

Now I know you are wondering just what I mean…look hard and you will see the springs from the old couch, from my vintage Aljo (1959) trailer.  She died a very sad death (in a wind storm) but I salvaged a lot of her parts and I will be salvaging these too.  I let the neighbor burn the old couch/bed and didn’t realize how great these would look, all rusty and yucky!


  ms d chicks 012


I already have some fun plans for a large piece of this!  And look what else I found laying out in my neighbor’s field.  She’s a beauty…hoping to get my hands on some of these parts!


ms d chicks 017



                 ms d chicks 019 


Don’t you just love this handle?  I love everything about this old welder..the rust…a divine color, if I do say so myself.


 ms d chicks 020 (2)


                        ms d chicks 015


ms d chicks 020 


Oh, yes,where was I?  Ok, working on the fridge opening….


                             ms d chicks 024 


I had to cut a small piece for one edge…laminate it and since I don’t work well with glue….I had it everywhere…I had to take a break to clean it off everything!


                        ms d chicks 026 


I cut metal trim (taken from the old Aljo windows) to face the fridge opening.


                                       ms d chicks 028


ms d chicks 029


I also worked on the mini bath…I did actually get an extra two inches for this room by moving the fridge!   I know crazy huh?  But really two inches is a lot in a bath this small.  The wall that was over the toilet made you lean forward (maybe not a bad thing but I hated it).  The previous owner had a microwave in this space so I had to revamp the shelving, as well.

Last night I plugged in my garage sale fridge (nearly new) and found it wasn’t getting cold!  I was about to paint it, glad I didn’t.  I will have to return it and hopefully a new one is the same size!!  So much is broken around here lately!  Or is it just me?


ms d chicks 030 


Ok, here’s a little peek at what else is going on here in Ms.  Daisy (aka, Driving Ms. D).…more to come soon.


  1. I so enjoy your post....I always come wondering what you are up to next....always leave with a smile. You are amazing....everything is coming along nicely.

  2. Making progress is such a hopeful thing. Sorry the fridge was a bust and hope you can find another one. Whatchagonnado with the rusty stuff? ♥Sis

  3. I'm wondering if there's anything you can't do..... you're just amazing!

    Ms. Daisy is looking good...
    I betcha you're having a productive weekend.

  4. Karen,,you and your finds always make me laugh...I do like that handle though. Love your red oven door....did you paint it? I'm still trying to decide what color for my decor...thinking bright green!..need to decide soon Larry says!...

  5. You are one handy dandy lady. Ms. Daisy is looking better every time we see her. Glad you were able to salvage some parts from the old trailer. That welder is a beauty, I never would have known that's what it was. Can't wait to see what you do with the old springs.

  6. I love the vintage hardware. Thanks for the visit and following. I'm following you too.

  7. You have an interesting blog. I enjoyed my visit.

  8. Double WOW~! I am lovin' reading about Ms. Daisy and how she is comin' along. I was wondering if she had a bathroom. Will you put in a shower as well? I want one of these so bad I cant sleep some nights for dreaming of them but for now I can read all about them.
    Have fun finding treasures for her, looks like you have found a goldmine for used stuff!

    Look forward to reading more about Ms. Daisy.

  9. Your my idol! lol! I luv what you did with the cabnet handles! you are one smart cookie! I can hardly wait to see the finished 'DMD'....I still need to paint on my 'chaulk board' on the inside of my Scotty door......


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