Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Chicken Mansion

The little grandson of the neighbor, came over today and wanted to visit the ‘chicken mansion’!  I had to laugh, apparently, his Uncle David, has been referring to my coop….as such!  And I suppose it fits….
I finally got started on the coop inside the shed, this week.  All the electrical is done.  So I got started framing in the chicken area.
 coop 001 
 coop 003 
I had already primed and painted the wall area and was ready to build the chicken wire wall.
                coop 002 
                                 coop 004 
I framed in for a doorway.  I am using an old screen door, that had been majorly altered to fit someone’s space under a stairwell, in my daughter’s house.  Thus the edges are all uneven but it’s the look I wanted….so I begged it off of her.
  coop 006 
It wasn’t until I saw this picture that I remembered to add some large crystals I got on Etsy to my chandelier.
                             coop 011 
 coop and grayson 009 
Today I attached chicken wire to the screen door.  I had to use staples as the other brads (?) were to heavy duty for the frame.
                       coop and grayson 011 
coop and grayson 013 
New screen and the new crystals.  The light fixture was $5, a can of spray paint and the string of beads and the crystals, another $25… a full on Chandelier for $30.
  coop and grayson 015
My friend, Bev ( recommended I build a little wall along the base.  So I cut and painted some small panels to lay on the edge to keep the pine shavings inside the coop.  I will put the chicken wire between the 2x4’s and this edge.
 coop and grayson 016 
Now for the fun part…some wood bling! 
             coop and grayson 020 
                                  coop and grayson 022 
Being a professional painter for years, I have a tendency to prime, paint and cover all bare areas.  When I got done doing that I thought the shabby look might be fun so I sanded some of it off….it felt weird, doing it!  But I like it.
             coop and grayson 025 
I put up four brackets on this wall and have a few more to add to some shelves I will make later.  Right now I am looking for some way to get vents into this shed, for some air flow.  I have been to several big box stores and am having a hard time finding something, I could have open in the summer and close in the winter.  Frustrating.  I am also looking for another window for the gable end.  So my ladies will have lots of light for egg production (14 hrs. a day).  My automatic door is on order and after some details inside I will be making a chicken run outside, as well.  I think my girls, Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart and Rosa Parks will be very happy in their ‘Chicken Mansion”, don’t you?
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  1. It IS a chicken mansion! I love it and so will your girls! very impressed with your skills...
    Have a great day! :)

  2. This truly is a chicken mansion. I'm having a hard time imagining chickens in this gorgeous little house.

    If I were still a little girl, I'd want it for my mansion play house! It would be so much fun to set up house playing in there.

    You've done a great job!

  3. I LOVE your "chicken mansion" fun is that??? Laurel

  4. Oh I love it too! You are so amazingly creative and talented! I love the "Chicken Mansion"!

  5. Forget the chickens!! I want to move in!!

  6. You are amazing. What a haven you've created for your three lucky gals. "Chicken Mansion" is the perfect name.

  7. such fun!! bet the little guy's eyes were sparkling.

  8. You are killing me! Your chicken coop is aDoRaBlE and you are doing a great job on it! Your girls will live happily ever after! Can't wait to see more!


  9. It is really looking wonderful....those lucky gals!!

  10. PS

    Your trailer turned out soooooo cute Karen! Love the colors and theme!


  11. Now those gals will be livin' in shabby-chic style, chandelier and all... The locals will be so envious they will be snubbed at the Rooster Hoe-Down party. There will be much cluckin' about how they are livin' high on the roost.

  12. Love the coop it reminds me of farm chicks coop, I love the chandelier its so 1940 farmhouse looking :)

    I saw what you wrote about blogger problems, when you go to post and you click leave a comment keep clicking on comment it will continue to take you back to your comment that does not seem to post but when it directs you to the sign in page then sign in and un-check the keep me signed in box, I think blogger has it mixed up on us it will then let you leave the comment when it directs you back to your un-sent comment!

    I hope this help's.

    That cook is grands :)

  13. Hi,

    I linked over from Brambleberry Cottage and all I can say is WOW!!! That is so fun and outrageous. I love it and so will the girls. I'm off to explore your blog. It looks wonderful.


  14. Don't worry too much about closing those vents off in the winter. You will need ventilation then too, maybe more than in the summer. The more your chickens are inside, the more ammonia their droppings will give off, and the more problems you'll have with respiratory problems in your chickens. Just site the vents so that you don't have a draft right on your chickens and they'll be fine. :)


  15. Your chickens are going to do some major egg laying!! They're going to want to thank you for that mansion!!!

  16. If the chicken house looks this good, what does your home look like!
    I'm new to blogging. I know I'm going to love your site. Please drop by my blog sometime and say "hi" when your not busy working! Have fun.

  17. Wow! that is some fancy chicken house you have going there.
    I'd love to have something that cute for my chickens...only, I don't have my chickens this year.
    Guess that will have to wait til next year!
    I have chicken mansion envy...Pat

  18. This rocks! You rock. Honestly, I'm always so impressed when good people like yourself go all out for animals. I LOVE this chicken mansion! It's really gorgeous. :)

    Shared this on FJI Facebook for SNS 87. :)


  19. Love this. I have to share it with my daughter who just built a coop for her chickens.

    Found you through Donna at Funky Junk Interiors and am happy to be a new follower. I am a fellow Etsy seller and Nana and would love for you to visit my blog.


  20. Fun blog and what a cool project! Makes me want to have chickens again here on my little farm in Tunisia. Thanks for sharing!
    best, nadia

  21. that is a husband has made some nice coops in his day but yours takes the are soooooooooooooooooo talented. I think your chickens will be spoiled....they had better lay you a golden egg.

  22. Wow, These are some lucky chickens! The chicken mansion is fabulous.

  23. That is the fanciest chicken coop I have ever seen, I love it!! Your style is adorable!


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