Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thriftin' Time Tuesdays

I really didn’t mean to go, honestly. It was not in my plan…..but I just happened to be in the neighborhood…of a thrift store! So…..

This tray is huge…14” by 23”, silver plate (at least I think it is). I polished it with silver polish, just to test it and it cleaned up pretty nice but has some damage in tiny spots. I plan to use it in Karen’s Koop. Oh, forgot, it was $6.50.

These are what has me dancing in the Koop, under the chandelier!!! I originally was headed to HD for some corbels or architectural doodads for the Koop. (I will show you why later). I found several of these, at the thrift and all they need is some white paint! And a set was about $2.50, I got three sets of these large ones and three sets of smaller ones (1.75 a set with my senior discount…yea, for being over the hill!). I have more than I need for my little project but I will find other uses in the Koop!

Oh, btw, these are vintage mahogany shelf brackets….I didn’t even know that until I got them home.

And check out this vintage lampshade, less than $3. I keep my eye out for vintage Mexican stuff for my vintage 1969 Shasta trailer (Driving Ms. Daisy) , so I HAD to have this! Again not sure how I will use it but I will find some way!

I know that spoon thing is kinda’ weird but to me it looks Spanish, I think it hangs on a wall and in a larger version, might have been a fountain. So I will use it for the exterior Mexican theme at my trailer.

And I could not believe the feel of these sheets, 100% cotton, almost, if not brand new. Less than $6 for a full set.

I’ve had the birdcage for years, so I gave it new life….white paint. It will be in the Koop, too. And the enclosed glass frame with dried flowers just seemed to fit the picture. (It was less than a dollar.)

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  1. Aren't you glad that thrift shop just pulled you in? Love that tray and those architectural pretties...what a great thrify day. I can't see the birdcage or frame, but I'm sure they're awesome.

  2. What a haul! Didn't find a sheet for me didja?

  3. Good stuff! Those sheets even LOOK like they have a high tread count...and so sunny looking. The tray is perfect for serving fancy cocktails!

  4. hwy Karen, I did a little 'junktiquing' yesterday....SCORE! I also got a little 'tea/coctail cart...and I put the 1st coat of Scotty Blue paint on it...2nd coat will go on tomorrow...gee, I wonder what I will use it for? lol! & winkwink!

  5. oh & that 'laddle'...I am thinking a vibrant red & hang it in D.M.D....
    just 9 more days till 'Glamping' Wahoooo!


  6. This is exactly why it is hard for me not to obsess about visiting my local thrifts. The day you drive on by, wonderful treasures such as you found get scooped up by someone other than me. :)

    You found some lovely things. That tray is so gorgeous!


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