Monday, July 4, 2011

Girl Camp

                                    girls camp 091 

I headed on over to ‘Girl Camp’ in Elk River, Idaho on Friday….such beautiful country!

  girls camp 009

But wait until you see all the fun trailers that arrived! 

                 girls camp 066

A maiden voyage for this beautiful Ken Craft with Patty in the drivers seat. 

   girls camp 067 


girls camp 070 

 This is Bonnie’s beauty and my 1969 Shasta 1400 in the background.

  girls camp 073 

That’s Juli’s cutie in the back and Mig’s Hawaiian themed trailer up front.

 girls camp 079 

Look at the beautiful handmade quilt on the sofa….outstanding job, Mig!

 girls camp 078 

Complete with covered patio and bar! 

           girls camp 076 

And look at this sweet interior on Gracie’s ‘Scotty with a Potty”.  She decoupaged old post cards to the top of her table…how cute is that?


     girls camp 072 

And isn’t it just flamingo heaven on the outside?

     girls camp 071 

And isn’t this just the sweetest campfire area, that Juli built for us.  It was very cool in the evenings so we enjoyed this site a lot.

 girls camp 004 

That’s sweet Debbie on arrival!

             girls camp 082 

We were in Elk River, population approximately 200, so Grace brought her bike to cruise the streets….no, she doesn’t always wear her PJ’s ….she was headed down for a shower at Juli’s adorable cabin!

  girls camp 086 

A walk through town, (you won’t catch me on a bike!), gave me tons of camera fodder.

  girls camp 089 

Lots of old buildings and some boardwalk.

 girls camp 029 


                     girls camp 007


  girls camp 040 


 girls camp 085 

The old abandoned school…. 

              girls camp 050

I have so many pictures, I will post some more tomorrow, before I head out for Wild West Farmgirls, meet in Orofino, Idaho.




  1. how wonderful Karen!!
    looks like you are having great time there!!

    love see the diferent styles of the campers!!

  2. ...oh! and happy 4th of july!!

  3. Oh those lil campers are just fantastic. I love each and every one. What a wonderful time it must have been expecially around the campfire. FUN!

  4. Hey, you forgot to swing by and take me along! LOL

    I love Idaho...I think it's one of the most beautiful states I've visited.

    Glad you're having much fun with the girls.

  5. The campers are just too much, I love them all.

  6. Looks like a good time was had by all. What a way for ladies to go and have fun and enjoy. This is a great idea. Are there other sites you would recommend viewing. I'm excited.

  7. Check out

  8. hahaha! I had to laugh @ your comment about my 'not always riding my bike in my p.j's'.... does that mean I also ride in the Buff? lololol!
    OMG! didn't we have a Blast? Ended way tooo soon!
    hugz & happy trails!

  9. Thanx for the travelogue. You are just having too much fun this summer. And its certainly well deserved!!!

  10. Oh what fun you girls are having!!!! So many wonderful pictures.....and memories. I love all the trailers, they're all so cute....and pajama girl on the bike...cute!

  11. Looks like the perfect "girls camp". We should all be so lucky.


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