Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Girl Camp Part Two

girls camp 021 

There was an airfield right in town, at the meadow edge.  A beautiful spot.


                                girls camp 042 


               girls camp 059


girls camp 057


 girls camp 038

I couldn’t stop capturing some of the design/art/beauty around me.


                                      girls camp 092


girls camp 094  

Saturday was spent at Elk River Lake.  Some gals were brave enough to jump right in!  That’s Mig for you!

 girls camp 100 

And then Patty and Juli joined in.  They said it felt great, all I did was get a burn on my arms from sitting on the dock (95% of the time in the shade-thank heavens!).  It was tempting!


              girls camp 115 

Later in the afternoon, we all met in Juli’s fabulous gardens, for pedicures, wine and later lots of food!

  girls camp 117 

It was a ‘hot’ bed for photography!

              girls camp 120 


girls camp 122 


girls camp 104


                                     girls camp 124 

We had a ball celebrating Ed’s (Juli’s husband) 50th birthday in this beautiful setting!

          girls camp 127 

This looks like Ed and Juli giving each other a hug!  So cute!



  1. not sure which you enjoyed more... the girlfriend fun or the photography! lol!
    It was fun, wasn't it!!?!

  2. Your pics are amazing as always. Looks like you had a good time.

  3. The lake looks heavenly! What a great place to camp with the girls! Cute picture of Grace in her pj's! Love that girl!



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