Monday, July 18, 2011

My Weekend


g 002 


 These little feet pull at my heart strings….


                      g 007 


This little man makes me laugh…..


                g 013 


And makes me stop to wonder….


g 018 


And sigh with joy.

A perfect weekend….just being.


  1. How do you keep from squeezing him too tight?

  2. He's such a sweetie, so adorable. Looks like Dash is interested in what he's eating.

  3. Dash is always interested in what people are eating! It's an of his favs.

  4. He's so darn adorable!
    Is he playing peek-a-boo?
    I bet it was a perfect weekend, for sure, with this little fellow!

  5. Its a perfect day when one can spend time with a child. What a handsome boy.

  6. Your blog is so sweet! I found yours through Ms Funky Junk Interiors-Donna. These pics are adorable and does show a Perfection Weekend! :)

  7. He's adorable.... I love his curly hair and dimples!!!
    Dash looks very interested in that apple.


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