Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It’s Here…it’s here…

egg 010  Yep, my first egg has landed…..no, not in this nest!  But outside in the chicken run….in the last hour or so….right in the middle of the day.  I thought that my girls would lay their eggs inside, in the nesting boxes, first thing in the morning….Guess not!

               egg 011 

It’s a perfect egg with a little speckling on the end….isn’t it cute?  (Are you laughing at me, yet?)

               egg 012 

Not exactly the biggest egg around…but I don’t care!  I think it’s Rosa’s egg but it could belong to Eleanor.  Amelia will lay white eggs, so I know it’s not hers.  So by my calculations that’s a very expensive egg…but I will eat it anyway!


  1. Kind of like the $64 tomato..but who cares?...it's a first!

  2. I am so excited my eyelids curled backwards from grinning so big. What a beauty that egg is. Now you have to weigh it, take all kinds of measurements and such and date it then send out announcements. This is exciting! Take lots of pictures and frame one or two and put the photos in the mansion to show the other what they are suppose to be doing.

    Too funny they did not use the nesting box, I hope they do use that nesting box soon. Maybe put it on the ground till they get use to going in it????

    I know you are suppose to eat it but that just does not seem right to eat the first one. Maybe can you have it bronzed? heheheehhe

    I am all giddy with excitement for you.

    GO HENS~

  3. Congratulations. You're a grandma!

  4. You sound like the proud grandmother of this lovely egg. Congratulations! Woo, what an expensive egg, but a loved egg!

  5. Congratulations! No one else will understand quite as well as us gals with chickens we are waiting patiently for their first lay! I let mine out of coop midday, but am wondering if I should wait now until they begin to lay, and I know their habits. They are SO close. When did you get your chicks?

  6. Congratulations. I had to laugh at how expensive that egg is. I can't think about how expensive our chickens are with relation to our eggs.....or I would have to gild each egg!!! Have a great day, chicken Mama!!!

  7. We got one that looks just like that day before yesterday!

    xo, Cheryl


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