Monday, October 24, 2011

The Egg and I…

         grayson 005 

I am thoroughly stunned at the size of Amelia’s double yolk eggs…I actually feel sorry for her…those big ones must hurt…she does this about once a week!  The dark brown (large) egg belongs to Rosa and the light brown one is Eleanor’s. I love being able to see clearly what each is producing, when I get more chickens (what you say!) I won’t know any more…unless I get the ones that produce pastel eggs…..hummmmm…Winking smile


 grayson 004 

Amelia’s egg even has a different texture…. 

grayson 007 

I just had to share this sunrise with you….as it gets colder…they just get better.


  1. Thank you for the beautiful sunrise.
    Ouch! I wonder what Amelia is eating that the others don't know about:-)

  2. Okay Karen, now you are just showing off!!! I am kidding, I am just thoroughly impatient about my darn chickens not laying yet!!! But I know that I too will soon be collecting beautiful eggs. I have two who will lay the green eggs! And I had a Cuckoo Maran, the kind that lay the dark, dark brown egss, but she is one I lost in the illness that spread. For my next chicks, I want to get a good variety. Buff Orpington, another Cuckoo for sure, among several others. I love chicken farming!!!!
    Those eggs are just gorgeous!!!! The double yolker is extra fun!!!

  3. Amelia the Super Chicken...LOL! Wow and another wow on the size of that egg!

    I get double yokers on occasion but nothing that compares with Amelia's.

    Beautiful sunrise....

  4. A BIG OUCHIE on laying those big eggs... She is one egg machine. Those you need to blow out and decroate for the Christmas tree.

    Now some pretty teal color ones would look pretty.

  5. I got so carried away I forgot to say what a lovely sunrise you took. Spectacular!!

  6. I don't have a clear view of the sunrises here. I just love them, so thanks so much for sharing photos of yours.


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