Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Winterizing for My Girls

      chicken run 004 

It got so cold Monday night, I found an inch of ice on the girl’s water bucket!  It was the first night I placed a heat lamp in the Chicken Mansion.  So when the sun came out yesterday, the girls loved doing their walkabout, while I worked on their run. 

       chicken run 001 (2)  My dear friend, Lori, provided some slightly used metal siding, so I promptly made a little shelter for the girls.  (Thanks so much, Lori!) We get a lot of snow here in the winter, so I added the wall and small roof area, so the girls can still roam around outside. They will have a little protection from the severe cold winter winds too.  After all, my girls deserve the best….right?  LOVE THOSE EGGS!

            chicken run 001 

I also noticed a large gap under their exterior door, so I found some door stop material and cut a piece to keep the cold air out.  (It’s that little white piece on the stoop.)

           chicken run 003 

I just can’t tell you how much I enjoy having chickens….. Are they a lot of work?  Yes, and no.  Yes, to getting everything set up (if you’re building it), no, to the daily maintenance.  However, check with me when I have to go out there this winter!  I may have a change of attitude!  It gets well below freezing here and with a wind chill factor….well, you just don’t want to be around here….to hear me whine! 



  1. I was feeling sorry for my girls this morning and it was only 34 degrees. This weekend is my time to winterize. Oh yes, they get a heat light all winter long and I'm not as cold as you. Love those girls!

  2. I love how you care for them. I just winterized for my stray cat, Harvard. He has a perfect white mustache. New follower, nice to meet you. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  3. I hope that will be enough to keep them warm for the winter. Love reading about the hens. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  4. Yesterday would have been the PERFECT day for me to winterize the coop - but I missed the window of opportunity. Busy cleaning and doing laundry after my trip. Ah well - I'm sure there'll be another nice day or two - I love chickens and even though winter care is 'challenging' I'm happy to do it. They just seem so bored in the winter!

  5. Your girls look great. Mine are just now getting all filled out with combs and wattles. How often do you give the coop a cleaning? I clean mine once a week. Changing out the hay on the floor and on platforms. I change water daily, and do a pick up of doodies off the floor daily as well. I feel a scoop of mash with one handful of scratch in the morning, then more in afternoon. They graze free range every afternoon for a couple of hours too.

  6. Here I emailed you this morn before looking on your blog! I see what a great job you did for the girls! You are surely welcome. Hope a storm won't be too hard on those thin sheets. The girls are so beautiful with their fall and winter colors!

  7. If the girls aint happy, momma aint happy!!

  8. I'd never make it in cold country. I'm such sissy when it comes to cold weather.

    Your girls are beautiful!

    We're suppose to have a cold day the 40's....I've prepared a place for our outside kitty, so she'll be warm. I always worry about outside animals in the're a good mama to your girls.

  9. You are such a good chicken Mama!! I bought heated buckets at our local feed store or Tractor supply for wintertime breaking the ice every morning.


  10. so is that "whine" or "wine"??? lol!

  11. I would love to have chickens, if I lived more in the country...I'll live vicariously through you! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog...I am a new follower, too!

  12. I want chickens but he says no!


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