Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Kaleidoscope of Colors

falling 019

The sun just peaked out for a bit this morning and I just had to grab my camera.  I was in town, had a few minutes to spare and decided to take advantage of the tall canopy of leaves, above my head.

falling 025

        falling 026

It turned really cold, quickly and all the leaves just dropped overnight.  What a lovely dance!

            falling 027

           falling 041 

The beauty below my feet…

falling 039

                       falling 028

Mother Nature just kept turning her best side for me to capture…it was truly easy.

                   falling 018 

Enjoy Fall…it’s going fast. 

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  1. The one great advantage of cold Fall weather!

  2. I can feel the fall breeze in the air just from looking at your pictures. I love it. We're still not noticing any leaves dropping around here yet. The mornings are chilly and the days finally cooling a bit.

  3. I'm trying real hard to NOT be jealous of all your beautiful fall colors. They are gorgeous, however....I don't want your snow........

  4. Beautiful!! Love the Fall colors.


  5. Gorgeous photos! The colors this year have been more vibrant than the past couple of years. Thanks for sharing a bit of autumn from your neck of the woods!


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