Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas in the Chicken Mansion

               cm 017 

 The girls are thrilled that I finally got some decorating done for them.


         cm 019

Oh, my, that looks like a very pretty cocktail…nope…no, ‘cock in the walks’ allowed around here….maybe, just a little tiny eggnog to celebrate the holidays!


      cm 005 


           cm 029 

It’s all about my Queens, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and Amelia Earhart.  Those beautiful ceramic ornaments are from my sweet blogging friend, Tammy (  I got the ‘cocktail’ at a recent Sisters on the Fly meet and the chicken is a wood ornament I finished recently.   


                   kp 006 

These are the hens that Tammy made for me….one for each of my ladies!  Sorry about the lousy picture…backlight…overhead lighting….yada yada…..


             cm 032 

Merry Christmas to all of you!


      cm 015 


           chic 003

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  1. Amazing! What a beautiful vignette and those three little hens are the sweetest additions.

  2. Oh my goodness, the mansion looks fit for the 3 queens. I love the rustic tree and decor.

    GOD bless you and yours this Christmas.

  3. You are so funny!...I am thinking about you in the coming week and wishing you peace..xoxo

  4. You are so funny!...I am thinking about you in the coming week and wishing you peace..xoxo

  5. Lucky lucky biddies. Wish someone would decorate my coop for me!

  6. Wait a minute.... a Candy Cane? silly girl, hens can't eat candy canes, they have beaks not! I'm bettin' a certain someone.... is saving that for herself to use as a stir stick in her next peppermint~martini! lol!

  7. always add a smile to my face. Thinking of you and hoping you have a blessed Christmas!

  8. I'm loving the sprig of green in the bottles ... kinda' Charlie Brown-esque hehehe

    thanks for tagging along

  9. Love, love your decorating style. That bottle/greenery/red rooster--my favorite! Have a Merry Christmas!


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